Dhulikhel Hospital (DH) was founded with the noble vision of ‘Quality Health Care to All’. Since its conception it has held firm to its notion that ‘care’ should be the foundation of health sciences. To  enhance, sustain and promote quality care, we need the elements of capacity building and research. We steadily started and strengthened our engagements in these areas, and have established DH as a hub for some of the noble, competitive and acclaimed academic and training programs in health sciences. We are also making significant progress in research and currently serve as one of the largest health research institutions in the country. All of our efforts have been pursued and fulfilled through our partnerships with the Government of Nepal, national and international institutions, universities, individual experts and others have been a central asset in these endeavors. Dhulikhel Medical Update (DMU) has been conceived to provide a significant contribution to evidence based learning in health sciences. It will serve as the epitome of our fundamental values, commitment to quality, relentless effort to excellence, and pursuit of knowledge, innovation and discovery. I firmly believe that this will foster and advance scientific discourses and take the genuine deeds of health sciences community to newer heights. I applaud our team that has worked extensively for its creation and also thank our collaborators nationally and internationally who are partnering and guiding in this effort. I have no doubt that its growth will align, if not supersede the speed of our institutional growth. I assure of full support to this effort and extend best wishes for its success.

Dr. Ram KM Shrestha

Executive Director
Dhulikhel Hospital